Expense Tracker

image from Dollarbird

As part of recontracting with my network provider,  I switched to iPhone from being an android user. I was able to move all my applications and its data seamlessly to my new phone except for my Expense Tracker application. Unfortunately, the expense tracker application I was using in Android was not available in iOS which came as a surprise for me. I had the notion that all applications are available both in Android and iOS. Maybe only the famous ones.

I’ve searched three days for an expense tracker application that I was comfortable with and found Dollarbird. This application is actually not the most recommended amongst all but it works for me. If you try to search the internet for recommendations, they will mostly recommend, Mint, Home Budget, or Expensify. If you have varied income sources or a long list of expense categories, then Dollarbird is not for you. You may use one of the much more advanced applications that will provide you more options because it can be customized in a lot of ways.

The reason why I opted to use Dollarbird is due to its simplicity. The other applications are too complicated for my current finances making Dollarbird a much more straightforward approach. The application just basically allows me how much money comes in and how much is spent on a daily and monthly basis. Right now, since  I am just monitoring my cash flow, this will work for me.


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