the thing with coffee…

Coffee is one thing that I love the most and can be considered a form of addiction. I’ve started drinking 3 in 1 coffee regularly every morning since I was in college and switched to brewed coffee when I started working. I have decided recently to stop consuming coffee on a daily basis for various reasons.

First, I have observed my growing dependency on this drink. I have to drink it first thing in the morning otherwise I will not be in a good mood the entire day. Second, the daily purchase to McDonald’s for my daily fix of brewed coffee creates a chip in my cash and in my time. Third, I have observed that my teeth has started to discolor. Fourth, I was having anxieties and easily gets stressed.

I have heard that caffeine withdrawal will be difficult. It was for the first three days. I was very impatient, gets easily annoyed, cranky, and lethargic. I was very sleepy the entire day and find myself very exhausted at the end of the day.

On the fourth day, I started to adjust. To my surprise, I was even more energetic even without caffeine and my mood definitely improved. I was no longer anxious all the time nor do I feel stressed. I do still drink coffee for social reasons but not on a daily basis. I somehow felt a tinge of freedom for being able to control this obsession with coffee.


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