Sinulog Festival Outfit | 2016

Sinulog is an event widely celebrated in Cebu City every third Sunday of January. The event is to celebrate and honor Sto. Niño. The event has evolved over the years though. Last year, based on my experience, there were people who covers Sinulog goers with paints with or without permission. Some of the paints can’t be removed even after laundry.

This year, I contemplated what to wear. I was contemplating whether to use something from my capsule wardrobe and risk ruining it or buy something just for the event itself. A lot of stores sells shirts for the festival at a really cheap price. For the fun of it, I decided to get a Sinulog shirt and just use it as lounge wear if it will be covered with paint. As for the bottom part, I opted to wear leggings since it’s not as thick as jeans and at the same time like jeans it will protect my lower body part from the scorching heat of the sun. I stayed away from small alleyways. Smudging and wiping of paints are actually prohibited so you are not going to see them on the main road where law authorities are posted. I was able to keep my shirt neat and tidy all throughout.



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