Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be a big day for some people where the loved ones are showered with gifts. In fact from where I live traffic can be so bad on Valentine’s Day.

Here are some special treats that you can give to your loved ones without drilling a hole in your pocket.

Single Stem Roses or Succulents 

Flowers can really be expensive around this day. It will cost less if you buy a single stem rose. I personally believe that a single stem rose exudes elegance and beauty because of its simplicity.

I’ve heard a number of people who are not fun of flowers for the reason that they wither and die after a few days. They felt that it is a waste of money. I respect that opinion and I don’t judge. For this, I suggest succulents or potted orchids. This could be fun for the couple or the recipient. One can discover if they have the green thumb and how much effort they actually give to keep the plant alive. Succulents are not really that expensive specially if you start with the simple ones. Orchids can be pricier though.

Spa Massage Therapy

There might be couples who occasionally have a massage every now and then to unwind from a stressful week from work. To make it more special for V- Day, you can choose to avail services from resorts or hotels. There are hotels who offers such service even if you are not an in-house hotel guest.

Dinner at Rooftop Restaurants

More or less couples will dine on this special day. To add more romance or stray away from your regular dates, you can opt to dine in different rooftop restaurants. I know prices can be expensive because you will be paying for the ambiance and the food but usually restaurants offers promos so you just need to make sure you’ll get the one that offers the best promo.

Candle Light Dinner at Home 

If you are a good cook and would like to impress someone with your culinary skills, then this is the way to go. For couples who have been together for a long time, you can choose to redecorate a section to give it the “something new” vibe. A great romantic dinner is best accompanied with candle lights, romantic music, a bottle of wine, and of course a healthy dose of romance and happiness. Always check Pinterest or YouTube for some great ideas on how to redecorate your place.

DIY Cards

Cards may be outdated or you may not like the Hallmark writer but there are still people who appreciates a message from the heart and a hand written note. Make it more personal by adding throwback pictures.

Chocolates Bouquet 

This stuff can be expensive or inexpensive. It will all depend on the type or brand of chocolates that was used. If your partner is quite picky or have a weird taste in chocolates or you can’t find one within the budget, then make a DIY. IF bouquet is too hard for you to pull off then be creative and use instead a decorated shoe box or a mason jar. A person who truly loves chocolates will appreciate the actual chocolate not how gorgeous the container is.

Cookies or Cupcakes

This needs to be think of ahead of time. There people who are not fun of chocolates but may love pastry. This is the solution for you. You need to plan this ahead of time because not all pastry shops offer this for V-Day or they may ran out of it easily. If you wish to a bit gallant with your gift giving then you can choose one cookie or cupcake for each letter of “My Valentine” or “Valentina” or the person’s name. You can make it simpler just by using two letters and a heart. If you want to take the budget route find a friend who can bake and bribe that person to bake for you. Honestly, once you have set a romantic tone, it doesn’t matter if it tasted great or not.


Jewelries lasts long. There’s no doubt about that. Somehow it also has this romantic vibe. A piece of jewelry is something that loved ones can hold and touch even decades later.

Those are the ideas that I can think of that can be inexpensive and can be made unique depending on one’s imagination and creativity. Happy Heart’s Day everyone. May you feel loved and special all through the year.


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