Convenience vs Minimalism

Late last week I was thinking about my love for anything convenient and about my finances. I’ve come to realize that convenience can be costly even for someone who is trying to be a minimalist.

For example, I don’t like bringing packed lunch to work. I find it highly inconvenient and at the same time I want to have minimal items to carry in my bag as much as possible. The same can be said about my mobile network operator. In the Philippines, we have three giant mobile network operators.ย Two are quite expensive and the other one is quite cheap but unreliable. Usually subscribers have two numbers. One from the mobile network operator that offers cheap service but can be unreliable and paired it with an expensive one for emergency situations. I only subscribed to the one that is more expensive yet reliable mobile network operator because I do not wish to be paying for two providers and carrying two mobile phones. In other words having one is convenient but not necessarily cheap.


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