Cleaning my Instagram

I love Instagram. It is one of my favorite social networking sites. I love looking at pictures of beautiful things and sceneries. I love posting pictures too of the things I love.

There are several Instagram accounts that were created for retail. The ones I followed usually sells fashion items. Some can be quite expensive for my budget. Looking at things that I can’t afford today nor in the near future gives me a heartbreak. Realistically speaking I don’t think I can afford for example a $5,000 purse in the next decade. I’d be glad to receive one as a gift but not save up for it. I can use the cash to save for an emergency fund orย to buy other things that I really need.

Don’t get me wrong. I am merely speaking from my own financial standpoint. I’m sure we all have our limits on how much we spend on particular items. For me, looking at these beautiful items and not having the intention to purchase one in the near future is just a cause of frustration and pain. I might as well focus on the now and what my financial capacity can actually buy. So with a heavy heart I started to unfollow some luxury items that were way beyond my budget.


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