april | a month without expense manager

I’ve religiously entered my income and expenses in my EZ Expense Manager application since September 2015. Last month was a fail though. Due to some lame excuses, I missed entering the data for a day until it became a week and then weeks. I could no longer catch up with the days and what went out of my wallet. By the end of April, I just placed all expenses under Others.

At the end of 2016, my expenses wouldn’t be 100% accurate because of April. However, this will not stop me from continuing with this practice. Entering my expenses daily is a good practice for my finances and helps me minimize or simplify my lifestyle by not overspending and letting me know my financial priorities.

I did spend more than what I intended for April but I’m not going to dwell on it. I will have to move past this and start again this May. At least I’ve learned that if ever I miss monitoring my income and expenses I will go beyond my budget. Right now, I just can’t live without an expense tracker.


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