box of whatnots

i never had a decent off days for the past 2 weeks. when i finally had the time, i braved my self to do what i find for me a difficult task to accomplish. i finally took the time to sort out my storage boxes of bits and bobs and all the trinkets i have. i no longer buy unnecessary stuff these days. in fact, i rarely buy trinkets or accessories anymore. however, there was a time when i was attracted to cute little stuffs and i abhor using items over and over again. i used to love having variety or spares or alternates which collected over time. 

the first thing i did was to empty my shelf of complete disarray and my container box in one big laundry basket. the mere sight of our laundry basket filled to the brim of whatnots made me feel exhausted but i braved myself to face the challenge in front of me.

the next step i did was to sort them out. i had already prepared before hand a plastic bag of trash and another bag for the items i will be giving away. i then segregated the items from the laundry basket and categorize them into the following:

  • religious items (rosary, prayer book, medallions, etc..) that were given to me by family and friends
  • loose tablets of multivitamins and medicines
  • office supplies (pens, sticky notes, etc..)
  • pouch and coin purses
  • sewing materials (loose buttons, tape measure, etc..)
  • hair accessories (hair clips, scrunches, etc..)

once the items were segregated, i now placed them in their appropriate containers and then that’s it. it wasn’t really that hard if you think about it but it can be difficult if there are a lot of items involved. i only have one laundry basket of trinkets to sort and it isn’t much if you think about it.

while i was sorting through these things, i asked myself why i made such unnecessary purchases. i certainly didn’t need three lanyards for my ID and i certainly didn’t need to buy two pill boxes to carry medicines. to be honest, i kept all three lanyards. i just wasn’t ready to part with them yet but i did threw away the pill boxes.

as of the moment, i do have two shoe boxes of mementos. i still don’t have the courage to sort through them. perhaps someday.


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