minimizing lip color options

i did start my minimalism journey by creating a wardrobe capsule. i think that a lot of women started their own minimalism stories in this area as well. i am somewhat settled already with the clothing choices i made and as to how much and what clothes to keep. it was of course a trial and error at the beginning but so far so good.

the next area that i just tackled are makeups. i do love watching a lot of YouTube videos and i can see how much makeup a woman can amass. there are lots of brands and varieties out there and the desire to try what’s new in the market can lead to massive accumulation.

since makeup isn’t really my thing, i only own what is necessary and one per category. for example, i only own one concealer and that’s it. lipsticks and lip balms is a totally different story. i owned 3 lip balms and 7 lipsticks. it’s not a lot in comparison to what makeup lovers own but for someone who is trying to emulate a minimalist lifestyle, 7 is a high number. i did not reach the quantity because i love having options but it was because there was a time i didn’t know what i want in a lipstick and what color works for me. these days i do know my preferences when it comes to makeup and therefore there is no point in keeping those that i am not a fun of.

from a total of 10 including lip balms, i narrowed down my lipstick choices to 4 and here they are:

i can actually narrow it further to two but i do not wish to waste a good makeup by discarding it. now i have one in nude from L’Oreal, deep red from maybelline, orange tint from the faceshop, and a bit pink and red from NYC. i think that these are the basic colors that one ought to have in their vanity kit that can be used for work, hanging out with friends, and special occasions.

if a day will come that i want to try a new color or brand, i will just discard one that i least like to keep the maximum number at four. for the rest of my makeup items, i settled at 2 as max. make up palettes are counted as 1 though.


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