Pen & Paper Journal

Writing down my thoughts is one way for me to debrief from life’s drama and to record mementos for future reference. Aside from chronicling my thoughts in this blog, I also happen to have a mobile application to write down more personal experiences and lately I’ve been going back to my old habit of writing down my ideas and day-to-day life experience with the aid of a pen and paper.

I know that journals in time will accumulate space and it is tad contradictory to the minimalist lifestyle that I try to embody. However, on really stressful moments, there is something relaxing and liberating in writing down your emotions in ink.

I purchased an inexpensive journal from our local bookstore. It isn’t too plain like the notebook that students use for school nor is it too fancy that will drain a hole in my pocket. Back in the days, I use to own Starbucks journal which can be obtained through accumulated purchases of different Starbucks drinks.


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