random minimalism updates |october 2016

I really haven’t given minimalism a lot of thought lately but now that my schedule has given me a bit more free time to ponder on things, I’ve come to realize that I did have some progress. Here it goes…

Last month, I was able to stay on track within my self-imposed budget. I no longer enter my expenses in my expense tracker phone app but I am very conscious how much I spend on a daily basis. The less money that goes out of my coin purse, the better. I think that by not making your extra cash within easy reach makes your brain think that the cash isn’t there for you to spend. Expenses varies on a daily basis so it is best not to put all the extra cash in savings and just leave some to your day-to-day expense account. By doing so, you don’t have to touch your savings when a teeny-weeny emergency arise like buying cough medicines or your working shoes giving up, or having a body massage because your muscle starts to ache from working. Β Also, I have observed that since I no longer have the time to window shop, I don’t have that desire to purchase any clothing item, I no longer have the interest in watching or reading fashion lookbooks. I just feel contented with what I have and hoping that my single pair of jeans will last until December where I intend to do some haul shopping because the stores are on sale. The only splurging I did recently was buying several pens for work. I think that most nurses can relate to the joy of buying pens.

I have also taken the time to downsize the shelf that contains our towels (bath towels, face towels, etc.). I do share these things with my brother except for the bath towels and discovered that most of the small towels were his purchase. I was planning to retain only 4 items per category but couldn’t do that because it will be discarding my brother’s property so I just kept all the towels he purchased and discard mostly the ones I owned. I figured, I can always share or borrow from him when I need one which I rarely do.

When it comes to capsule wardrobe, eight seems to be a feasible number for me. Eight tops, eight bottoms, eight bags (including luggage), etc. I think I will be sticking with this number for awhile.

There are other sections that I want to declutter once I have the time such as my jackets, office supplies, etc. but for now I just need more rest.


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