21 Days No Junk Food Challenge

I try to live a life of minimalism. Not merely because I want to but because I feel like I have to. So far this journey has helped me lessen my desire for material things. It also taught me discipline to some extent. It hasn’t turned my life by 360 just yet. Actually, I want to but I’m stuck with my current progress. Small progress is okay but I just can’t soak in it. I have to move forward. Make bigger moves. Set up a new challenge.

I think I’m done setting up my capsule wardrobe. Shopping for clothes is no longer a parasite to may paycheck. I guess that was my first big move in gearing towards minimalism. I’ve curated already what I want in my capsule wardrobe and I am ready to move past that.

I made a rain check with my finances to check what is currently eating my salary. What is the thing that makes money go down the drain before the next payday? The answer is…food cravings. Don’t get me wrong. I know food is essential for one’s survival. It’s a physiologic need. But eating fastfood weekly when I can eat home cooked meals or eating snacks when I’m not actually hungry is definitely not a physiologic need. It’s just a billboard sign of stubbornness. Sometimes, I eat my way to happiness when I get sad which I know is not a good coping mechanism because it really doesn’t solve anything.

To help my health and my wallet, I will embark on the 21 Days No Junk Food Challenge.


This might not sound like it has nothing to do with minimalism but it does. This challenge will help me focus on what is important and remove the inessentials. It will help me fill my body with the right food and avoid unhealthy ones. Also, it will help me achieve my financial goal of spending only on the essentials like only buying food that I deem nourishing. I will start on this on the 1st day of March.


2 thoughts on “21 Days No Junk Food Challenge

  1. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while. Been already cutting soda, but I still needed a last push to ultimately do it. So this might’ve just been it. I think I’ll do this too! Good luck to us. πŸ€—


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