defining minimalism

I’ve been into this minimalism journey for a year now. Despite the length of time I still have a long way to go to be totally immersed in it. It’s a lifestyle change and change doesn’t occur overnight. It’s a way of living that I choose to stick by day-by-day.

To most people I don’t dress the part simply because they have a certain connotation as to what minimalists ought to be. So what is minimalism really?

First, it is imperative to remember that there is no black and white definition of minimalism. It varies from one person’s perception to another. Some people go extreme by living with their backpacks or trailers but there are those who just try to live with less material things but still choose to be a part of a neighborhood and live like the rest of the community with a 9-5 job and a house to go home to.

Think of minimalism as being or choosing to be a vegan. You can be the pesco-vegan who refuses to eat red and white meat only or the raw vegan who absolutely doesn’t eat animal products. Minimalism can’t simply be placed in a box. It can be defined in several ways but the ultimate goal is to not waste one’s time and resources to the things not  of value. For me it is a way living that focuses more on what is important to us (family, friends, travel, etc.) and removing the inessentials or the things that will distract us to enjoy life (chasing power, material things, negativity, overwhelming commitments, etc).

This is how I try to live life. I focus my energy in those few things I deem essential and let go of the rest. This I believe is the core of minimalism.


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